Teal is the colour!

teal-chair-the-makers-placeMove over grey – teal is set to be one of the colours for 2017! There’s a big focus on blues and greens (or greenery to be precise!).  Here’s a useful feature on the Top 10 interior design trends for 2017 from The Maker Place.

Teal is a majestic colour all by itself but its beauty is its ability to complement and contrast with many other colours – terracotta, nude, coral, russet, shades of blue and green and even pops of pink and orange.  Grey goes beautifully with teal as does purple and certain shades of yellow.

If you love teal too, Elle Decoration has a fab feature: How to do colour: teal plus a link to its teal mood board on Pinterest.

We will be using our love of teal in our makes for 2017 (with the occasional hint of turtle too!!). And we’ll be adding some new pieces to the Turtle & Teal portfolio – perhaps a lovely vase, bowl, jug, plant holder or beautiful object d’art – in, you guessed it, teal or one of teal’s complementary colours. Watch this (teal coloured) space!      cropped-turtle-teal-logo-feb-2017.png




50 shades of teal

The colour teal appears to mean different things to different people. All these doors represent various shades of teal. Should it be greeny-blue or blue-green? There’s no right or wrong answer of course and that’s one of the reasons we love the colour so much.

According to colour psychology (whatever that is!), blue expresses calmness and serenity while green symbolizes growth, strength and spirit. We hope that’s the direction we’re heading with Turtle & Teal… small turtle